My Big 3

“Big 3′ is the name of the three siblings/main characters from one of my most favorite shows of all time, “This Is Us“.  I have my own big three, and they are not triplets (although two of them are ‘irish twins‘ LOL), and they are definitely my everything!  Growing up, I always wondered how they would be once adults.  I never could have dreamed nor imagined, but I’m so proud of them all.

My first born is my daughter Alecia.  She has become my bestie over the years.  My road dawg.  My foodie buddie.  Always super sweet, considerate and low key funny!  She is super smart, in that old lady wisdom kind of way.  (She is kind of an old lady in the way she drives, and shuts down her day when it’s still practically daylight outside. haaa).  She is such a daddies girl (which I am actually jealous AND so happy about).  And she is quite the big sister always having a ‘motherly’ way with her two younger brothers.  I also call her my ‘starter child’.  My husband and I were crazy young when I had her (I was 21) and honestly had no idea what we were doing (thank God for family).  She just launched her own freelance writing service and I couldn’t be prouder.  To see her use her God given talents as a writer is inspiring.  I’m excited for her future. []

Next there is my ‘middle’ child, Christopher.  My Chris man.  Super amazing artist of word (hip), but then again, he’s always been.  In the early days it was ‘drawling’ (how he used to say drawing LOL).  He always had a notebook and a slew of pencils.  As he got older the sketches turned to words and he has been in hot pursuit since then.  He’s wonderfully talented.  He has a huge heart. Super compassionate looking out for those he loves.  Educated – got his Masters! And, a follower of Christ.  The fact that my ‘baby’ has ‘clients’ is a huge trip to me.  Like I said, he has always been one to look out for people, a natural encourager… and that he is using his natural abilities to help others is beautiful to see.  I’m so proud of him, and wow, he really can  ‘spit’! []

Last up is my (not so) lil ‘boo’, Aaron.  He was born macho – I kid you not! LOL  I remember we’d make the biggest deal about how his voice was crazy husky and he had muscles … as a lil kid! (see the last pic in the collage).  That muscle did him well though as he transitioned from super speedy basketball player to phenomenal football player.  His skills led him to received a scholarship to play football while obtaining his degree.  That is where he really flexed (and I believe self realized) how incredibly intelligent he is.  Somewhere along the way he became a cowboy too – which is hilarious.  He graduates college in two weeks and returns to California while plotting his next moves.  Excited to see what’s next for him!

As a mother I couldn’t be prouder of how these three have turned out thus far.  I take absolutely no credit, but I sure am God blessed me with my big 3!

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