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Today my ears were blessed to hear the sweetest sentiment I’ve heard in my creative life. It was roughly 2:30pm and the intern I’ve been working with for roughly two weeks let out a heavy sigh when he said it and it was music to my ears.

The project was for this young man, a finance major at Tuskegee (very sharp and nice young man) to use his right side brain (as opposed to his usual left) to design a directory listing type document. We have changed the look about a hundred times up to this point (not really but it feels like it). And we FINALLY settled on a look.

So for the last two days, I’ve been what I’m sure seems like a bit nitpicky. ‘Move this over a smidge’, ‘increase the font’, ‘add some space’ and so on and so forth. He did it all without ever complaining (although there were a few times I heard him sigh but I know he was legit just wanting to get it done and done right).

That’s when he said it. “I never knew there was so much to design”

Give me a moment.

As a freelance designer I’ve encountered many who misjudge the complexity of design. The good ones (not saying that’s me LOL) make it look easy, but it’s not. It’s trial and error. It’s repeatedly doing and undoing and potentially redoing until it looks just right!

So. Hearing that made my entire day! It was just what my heart needed to hear at the perfect time. And I had to document it!

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