A new journey…

One of my only regrets in life is not obtaining a degree.  I’m not all depressed about it or anything – I simply chose a different path.  But.  It’s on my ‘list’.

Unfortunately – I didn’t really believe it was achievable.  I’ve felt that I’m just past that stage of life and needed to move on in another direction.  Being surrounded by amazing black professionals daily has roused my interest again.  And of course I am so proud of my children, nieces and nephews, etc. for going ahead and getting it done straight out of high school.  Among them, there are bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and my eldest nephew is currently working on his doctorate!  I’m a very proud and inspired mom and auntie!

I also have several friends who went straight out of high school. But what has really resonated with me lately are those who have obtained their degree later in life. During every graduation ceremony I’ve attended this year (and previously) there have been people my age and older walking across that stage. It has given me hope.  It has confronted me with the fact that it’s not too late.  And there really is nothing to do but go ahead and get started.

So.  Today – that is exactly what I did.  I took my english and math assessment tests, met with a counselor and registered for classes.  My first day of school is the 28th.  I am both excited and anxious.  It’s just one class for now (a second 8 week class begins in October).  And it’s a subject I absolutely hate (math).  But it’s a step.  I’m thrilled to have the support of my husband and kids, and undoubtedly anyone who knows me.  It’s kind of a big deal… and I’m embracing it!

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