Birthday love for my son Christopher!

Birthday season is always kicked off with that of my eldest son, Christopher.  And today is the day!

On this day 27 years ago I was calm, cool and collected as labor began.  Clearly *someone* was not ready to leave their comfy home and had to be ‘evicted’. LOL .  His lil cry was so soft.  It was more facial expressions than actual noise.  He still makes faces to this day.

Chris is… super sweet, he’s my heart.  He cares for people, especially those in his circle, deeply!  He honestly wants the absolute very best for everyone. He is very encouraging and is always ‘present’ when interacting with you.  Very smart and a deep thinker.  It’s funny because when he thinks sometimes he rolls his eyes , like looking to the sky for answers.  Once a teacher thought he was being sassy.  My husband and I were like ‘oh no.  Not Chris, you are surely mistaken’. LOL.  He has his bachelor’s from ASU and his master’s from Pepperdine!  Yep. I’m a proud momma!  He is a dedicated christian.  He once did a sermon at our (then) church and I was absolutely blown away.  You can’t just come up with something like that you have to be blessed to do it!  He is a middle child wedged between a protective big sister and an antagonizing lil brother.  He once asked why there were so many pics of the eldest and the youngest.  Poor middle kids.  He is a lover of the arts.  Initially heavily into ‘drawling’ (how he said drawing) as a kid, and was very disappointed when learning that everyone couldn’t draw like him (specifically when his grandmother couldn’t draw a Power Ranger).  He then graduated to dance. I still have videos of him ‘crumping’ and ‘getting buck’. HA!  Now he is deep into his music and seeing that evolution has been amazing.  He has skills and passion for sure!  He is simply beautiful, inside and out and I am so blessed to have been charged with his care.


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