… overcoming my hate for math.

Ok THAT might be asking too much.  Yet I’ve signed up and tonight began my journey to being a college grad.  It’s not pretty at all.  Within the two hour class span I went from ‘I can do this!‘ to “I can’t do this‘ to ‘I will trudge on through‘ to ‘how do people get through these classes‘.  I’m trying to think and speak positive, but I can’t lie.  I am overwhelmed after only one class.  Math has never been my strong suit.  And it’s not making any more sense now than it did 40+ years ago!  I won’t quit though.  I have to overcome this and get it behind me for once and for all.  I may have to take an easier class though.  But I’m going to give my all to it and pray it begins to make sense.

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  1. This is my experience too Girl! I bought “Beginning algebra for dummies” and I just learned about the study app called ‘Socratic’, it’s designed to help you learn the concepts BEHIND the answers and asks you to take pics of the questions, etc. Good luck to BOTH of us!!! #IfYouLookIntoMyLiiiiiiife

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