Birthday Love for Baby Girl

On this day 28 years ago, I awoke thinking ‘is this labor’?  I was extremely unsure although all of the signs were there.  I was excited but scared as I was but 21 years old.  Her transition into this world was a bit nerve-wrecking.  I will never forget the look on my husbands face as the doctors fiddled around during the delivery of my very first child.  He (hubby) was visibly worried.  What I couldn’t see was that the unbiblical cord was wrapped around my lil girls neck.  Of course they were able to remove it and she let us know she had not only arrived but she was doing just fine.  Funny how she still makes that proclamation in other ways time and again.

Alecia is… i don’t even know where to begin.  She is my first born and my only daughter.  She is daddy’s little girl for sure.  In fact when she was born it was hard for me to get any quality time bonding because he was SO involved! She was without a doubt HIS baby lol.  Even my mother-in-law could not stop commenting about how much she looked like him (naturally arched eyebrows and all).  Yet, she is also my absolute bestie.  Without a doubt my favorite person to spend time with.  We share interests (food… laughing… food…) and I live for her consistent side-eye in response to whatever craziness I may be subjecting her to.  She has a huge heart, but doesn’t share it with any ole body.  Being the oldest sibling, and perhaps because she is the only girl, she is SUPER protective of her two younger brothers.  She is an amazingly gifted writer and has finally accepted that blessing and is putting it to good use.  She is a dreamer.  She’s brave. She’s intelligent.  She loves to try new things, loves to explore and pushes others to do so.  She has an amazing fashion sense and unparalleled style.  She is absolutely beautiful inside and out and I just love her to life.  She truly fills my heart up and I just enjoy watching her evolve.


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